Welcome to the ClassicArcadeGrafix Arcade and Coin-Op Flyer Archive


This website is a reference showing many classic electro-mechanical arcade games. These games filled arcades long before video games became popular around 1979. The listings also include Kiddie Ride flyers in the Coin-Op section.


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You can search for a flyer using the search feature or browse the listings. The categories are divided into Pre 1980 games, 1980 and later games, and the Coin-Op Flyers which are flyers for Kiddie Rides, Whack-a-mole, Crane Machines, Ticket Dispensers and any other item that is not a standard arcade game but is related to Coin-Op.

Flyer names ending in F indicate the image is of the Front side, B indicates the Back side. Flyers with neither F nor B are one sided and only had a Front side, the back is blank.

Submissions: Do you have a flyer not listed on the web site that you would like to submit so it will be available for others? We are happy to accept submissions. You can make a 400 or 600 dpi scan and email or ftp it to us. Do you have an oversized flyer that you cannot scan? We can scan it for you and send you the image file if you would like a copy.

Newly Added: Now there are over 700 Coin-Op/Kiddie Ride flyers

All flyers, artwork, or other scans are property of their respective owners.